Would you like Charles to come speak at your next meeting or function?

Charles has has 5 different marketing presentations that he can tailor to your industry. Each of these presentations are organized to teach you how to grow your business, get more people in your marketing funnel, increase the number of targeted leads and increase sales. For more information about each presentation, contact Sun Jester Marketing.


Personality Marketing

Right now when marketing online and on the Internet personality marketing trumps corporate marketing. In this presentation, Charles clearly explains personality marketing and does a live demo of how to use the Internet to grow your business, develop your online personality,  tell your story, leverage content, increase your list size and grow your individual brand online. Plus, he teaches you how to be seen as an expert in your industry, while focusing on the clients with whom you want to do business.


Using the Internet for Market Research

Do you know who is searching for your products or service online? In this presentation, Charles explains how you can learn a lot about who is searching for your your products and services.

You will learn things such as:

  • How many people are searching for your product or service
  • What problems the people searching for your product and service are having
  • How to get access and use expensive research to your advantage at no cost to you.
  • How to use this research to help you write good copy for your website, landing pages, and sales letters.
  • In the past, it took years and years for businesses to determine who their  “ideal clients” are. By the end of this presentation Charles will identify who your customers are, plus you will have a photo and name also. This will help you target your offers and write copy to those customers.


How to Get Online Traffic to Your Website

Do you have a website, but are you are struggling to get traffic to your site? Even more important than traffic is having quality targeted traffic to your website. Not all traffic is as equally important to your business. It is better to have less traffic that is qualified, than it is to have a great deal of traffic that is not targeted. In this presentation, Charles is going to show you how to get a flood of traffic that is qualified and targeted for your business.

Charles reveals online marketing strategies to get people to your website, plus he shows you how to use offline marketing strategies to get people to your site, build your list and get people in to your marketing funnel.


Search Engine Optimization

In this presentation Charles breaks down the three elements that Google uses to rank websites. At the conclusion of the presentation you will know how to optimize your site, increase the activity on your site and make your site more popular. All which will increase your rankings with Google, Bing, and Yahoo search engines.


Analyzing Your Database to Unlock Hidden Profits.

In this presentation Charles reveals, the importance of a database, how a database can give you a huge advantage over your competition. Plus, he reveals the only three ways there are to increase sales in your business, the 5 ways to segment your business and why this is important., and the two calculations that most companies overlook. And then finally Charles breaks down how to use each of these segments of your database to target your offers to increase your response rate and your profit.


Mobile Marketing

The mobile landscape is changing the way companies market their business. Today people take three essential items with them with they leave the house each morning: their car keys, wallet or purse, and their hand held digital device (smartphone). For the first time in history companies have the ability to market to their target customers in real time. Whether it is text messaging, email, qr codes, developing apps, Mobile Search Engine Optimization, mobile ads, or connecting with clients through social media, these are unprecedented times for marketers. Charles explains how you can use each item listed above in a cohesive strategy to increase your business and market to your customers in real time.