Mobile Marketing: Is Your Business Mobile Ready?

Is Your Website Mobile Ready?   Do you know that on average people search Google on a local level 3,387 times for every 1 time people search the yellow pages? Do you know 82% of all people search online on a local level take some … [Read more...]

Websites:Static Website or Marketing Machine?

What’s in a website? Most websites are nothing more than static brochures about a business. They are clunky, hard to update and normally html based. Standard html websites offer very little as far interaction with targeted prospects, current … [Read more...]

The Advantages of Segmenting Your Customers.

There are several very valuable reasons for segmenting your current customers and determining, who they are. Ultimately it allows you to determine who your best customers are and then go find more customers just like them. There are five types of … [Read more...]

The Value of a Customer Database

  The Value of a Customer Database Many small businesses fail to keep track of their customers and this is a huge mistake! In this tough economy, it is important to have exceptional customer service, no matter what product you are … [Read more...]